Red-tailed Hawk Tail 


Good Feathered Friends

Ginnie Sherer is a photographer, with a primary interest in nature photography, particularly birds.  She also has an interest in wood carving and carves feathers of birds to pair with her photographs of birds.

Ginnie co-owns Good Feathered Friends with her husband, Dick Oelschlager.  Dick provides quality matting and framing of all the artwork produced.

Together they live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin with a view of Lake Winnebago.  Their location gives Ginnie opportunities to photograph birds in northeastern Wisconsin and the Lake Winnebago waterways.  Both Ginnie and Dick enjoy kayaking.  Photographing birds and water fowl from her kayak is one of her favorite shooting locations.

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Great Horned Owl Tail 

Good Feathered Friends LLC is dedicated to creating unique artwork, that shares stories from nature through beautiful images of birds paired with an original hand- carved, painted, wooden feather. Each framed piece of our artwork represents the artistry of wood carving and photography that our customers can enjoy.